Understanding Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common vision condition that causes blurred distance and near vision. With astigmatism, the front surface of the eye, a part known as the cornea, is slightly irregular in shape instead of being round like a basketball. This irregular shape prevents light from properly focusing on the back of the eye, resulting in distorted or blurred vision. Here's more information about this condition from an eye doctor near you at Eye Care Center – Ballantyne.


What Causes Astigmatism?

Unfortunately, the exact cause of astigmatism is not known. However, there are several possible causes of astigmatism:

•           Genetics - Astigmatism can run in families. An irregularly shaped cornea may be hereditary.

•           Aging - The cornea can become more irregularly shaped with age.

•           Injury - Scarring or trauma to the cornea may lead to astigmatism.

•           Birth Defects - Some people are just born with an irregularly shaped cornea.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Common symptoms of astigmatism include:

•           Blurry vision at all distances

•           Headaches or eye strain

•           Difficulty seeing details

•           Squinting or tilting the head to see more clearly

With astigmatism, letters on a page can appear distorted or blurry. Straight lines may appear wavy or tilted. Symptoms are often more noticeable when reading or doing detailed work.

Correcting Astigmatism

Fortunately, there are three very effective options for correcting astigmatism:

•           Eyeglasses - Special astigmatism lenses can compensate for the irregular curvature of the eye. Eyeglasses provide sharp, clear vision.

•           Contact Lenses - Soft toric contact lenses that are properly fitted to the unique shape of the eye can also correct astigmatism very effectively.

•           Refractive Surgery - In some cases, laser eye surgery like LASIK can reshape the cornea and reduce astigmatism. This option depends on the amount of astigmatism.

Schedule an Eye Exam With an Optometrist in Charlotte, NC

If you suspect you have astigmatism, don't delay scheduling an exam with an experienced eye doctor. The optometrists at Eye Care Center - Ballantyne provide complete eye exams along with testing to determine if astigmatism is impacting your vision. We fit patients with customized eyeglasses or contact lenses to give the clearest vision possible. With astigmatism correction, you'll be amazed at the visual difference. Contact us today to schedule your eye exam with an optometrist in Charlotte, NC.

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