Family Eye Care

Family eye care is essential for the health and wellness of every family member. All family members should have routine comprehensive eye exams annually, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Our family eye doctor can help your vision and provide eye care tips for patients of all ages. Additionally, our optometrist can help diagnose eye disease and conditions, provide treatment plans, and assist in emergencies. The eyecare services team at Eye Care Center Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, can provide comprehensive eye exams for your entire family.

Family Eye Care

What Is Family Eye Care?

Family eye care provides eyecare services for patients of all ages and often specializes in children’s eye care or senior care. Poor vision can cause a disruption in a person’s life at work, home, and school. Therefore, a person’s first eye appointment should be at six months, allowing the eye family eye doctor to diagnose potential vision problems. Additionally, children should see our optometrist before starting school to ensure they do not have visual problems. Other conditions may interfere with their performance in school and extracurricular activities.

Eye Care for Children and Teenagers

It is difficult to determine if your child needs to see an eye doctor. It is best to start scheduling your child for eye exams at six months. Ensure your child is not experiencing visual problems or developing conditions. It's best to prepare your child for an eye doctor appointment at three years of age, before the first grade, and every year before school begins. Starting small is the best way to get your child accustomed to optical health.

Our family eye doctor can help teenagers find stylish, functional, comfortable, and durable eyeglasses. In addition, seeing an eye doctor as a teenager helps your teen see clearly at school when driving or in sporting activities. Teenagers should see our eye doctor annually unless an emergency requires immediate treatment.

Eye Care for Adults and Seniors

Optometrists provide multiple tests on adults during comprehensive eye exams to assess the overall health and wellness of the patient’s eyes while looking for any other signs of health conditions, including high blood pressure or diabetes. Additionally, a comprehensive eye exam will help check the patient’s vision, resulting in the prescription of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

As we age, eyesight is one of the senses that starts to deteriorate, and it is necessary to do everything possible to help maintain quality eyesight. For example, senior eye care patients experience vision fading, requiring them to wear glasses for the first time. In addition, routine screenings can help check a senior’s vision quality and look for other eye-related diseases common in seniors.

See Our Family Eye Doctor in Charlotte, NC

Our optometrists at Eye Care Center-Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, are dedicated to helping patients of all ages, focusing on family eye care. We even help treat emergencies, such as trauma to the eye, loss of vision, or embedded objects in the regard. Call our office today to schedule an appointment. 

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