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Pediatric Eye Exams from Eye Care Center - Ballantyne

It is important for every child to have their healthcare needs met. This means a trip to the doctor, the dentist, and the eye doctor. When it comes to eye exams, they are frequently overlooked; however, there are a number of reasons why eye exams are very important. A trained eye doctor is going to take a close look at a child’s eyes and measure a number of different functions. The team from Eye Care Center - Ballantyne bring a trusted optometrist into Charlotte and the surrounding areas, making sure that they have access to a family eye doctor who is comfortable working with children.


Tests Performed at an Eye Exam

When a child goes to the eye doctor, he or she is going to test a number of different functions, and check the health of the eye. Some of these tests include:

  • Visual Acuity: This is going to be one of the first areas examined when it comes to eyesight. The eye doctor is going to make sure that each eye has optimal visual acuity at all distances. The doctor is also going to test the eyes together. This is done to make sure that the child can see clearly.
  • Eye Teaming: The eyes need to work together to generate images that are usable by the brain. As well as portray perspective, which helps the brain understand distances from, and between objects. Sometimes, there are issues that might arise in this area. The eye doctor knows how to take a look at eye teaming skills and identify any issues that might be present.
  • Eye Movement: The eye doctor is also going to take a look at how the eyes move. The eyes are supposed to have very accurate movement abilities. Your optometrist will typically use the child’s eyes to trace a shape. If there are problems with eye movement, they will show up during this test.
  • Focusing: Studying how well the eye focuses is also very important. Sometimes, children have trouble focusing their eyes on certain objects or words. This can pose problems for their eyesight down the road. If there are any problems in this area, the doctor will work with you to come up with a plan to try to fix the problem.

Rely on the Team at Eye Care Center - Ballantyne

These are only a few of the many areas that a pediatric eye exam performed by an optometrist is going to look at. Anyone who would like to learn more about pediatric eye exams should call the team at Eye Care Center - Ballantyne to schedule an appointment. Work with a pediatric eye doctor when it comes to children's eye care. Schedule an appointment with an optometrist in Charlotte today.


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