Toric Lenses

If you have astigmatism, you’ve probably heard about toric lenses and how they can help you see more clearly. At Eye Care Center-Ballantyne, our optometrists offer a variety of contact lenses, including toric lenses. We have put together this guide to provide information about toric lenses.

Understanding Astigmatism

There are many vision problems one can suffer from, but astigmatism is a little different. An eye without astigmatism has a round or dome shape. Eyes with astigmatism have corneas that aren’t shaped “normally.” They are shaped more like footballs. Therefore, “normal” contacts don’t fit quite right and in turn, do not help the light refract properly. Astigmatism typically requires specialty contact lenses to fit the shape.

What Are Toric Lenses?

The average contact lens is a rounded shape – the shape people without astigmatism need. Toric lenses, on the other hand, are shaped like a torus. A torus is a term used in geometry for a shape that resembles a doughnut. Toric lenses are shaped this way to fit the eye and properly refract the light.

See an Eye Doctor Experienced with Toric Lenses

Fit is one of the most important aspects of toric contact lenses. If they don’t fit properly, not only will you not see well, but they could also fall out. This is why it’s critical to visit a family eye doctor that is well-experienced with both astigmatism and toric contacts. This will help ensure that you not only get the best correction for your vision but also that they fit your eyes properly.

Toric Lenses Come With Options

Just because people with astigmatism need specialty contacts doesn’t mean they’re stuck with one type. Toric lenses come in a variety of choices, including disposable, soft, rigid gas-permeable, and even colored lenses. There are also hybrid contacts. Your family eye doctor will discuss all of the options during your contact lens appointment to help you choose the best for both your comfort and lifestyle.

Learn More About Toric Lenses with Our Optometrist in Charlotte, NC

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