Contact Lenses

If you wear contacts or want to get fitted for a pair of contacts, seeing a family eye doctor for annual eye exams is necessary. A family eye doctor that offers contact lens exams can help ensure you see clearly and are fitted with the best contacts for your vision and eye health needs. Additionally, if needed, an optometrist can help prescribe specialty lenses to help treat astigmatism or other eye conditions treated with contacts. Our eye care team at Eye Care Center - Ballantyne serving Charlotte, NC, can help determine the best options for you. 

Contact Lenses

What Are Contact Lens Exams? 

Contacts exams are required for those wanting to wear contacts for their vision correction. An optometrist can conduct the exam, which includes a few additional diagnostic tests, helping determine if you are an excellent candidate to wear contacts. The other tests can help evaluate the size and shape of the eye and tear production levels, which can be useful to find the perfect contacts. 

What Is Included in an Exam? 

Contacts exams usually include everything an optometrist would provide during a traditional eye exam. Additional tests may be performed to help ensure your eyes can support the use of contacts with minimal issues. You may also get, at the end of the exam, trial lenses so that you can get used to wearing contacts. You will return to your eye doctor in a couple of days to a couple of weeks to see how your eyes are doing with the new contacts. 

What to Expect During an Exam 

Contacts fit directly on the eye and can comfortably fit the unique curvature and size of the eye. During an exam, an optometry doctor on our team will check for vision clarity to determine the strength of your contacts prescription. Additionally, we may dilate your eyes to get a better look inside. Other tests used during an exam may include taking cornea and curvature measurements, measuring the iris size, and conducting a tear film evaluation.

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Call an optometry doctor on our team to schedule a contacts eye exam if you are considering wearing contacts. We at the Eye Care Center - Ballantyne serving Charlotte, NC, are here to help ensure all our patients are seeing clearly and have optimal eye health. Call our office at (704) 541-5500 to schedule an eye exam appointment. 

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