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Proper care can demonstrate a considerable difference for anyone dealing with eye-health complications. At Eye Care Center-Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, we pride ourselves on providing our patients state-of-the-art optometry tools to help them receive a fast and effective eye health diagnosis. That's why we offer our patients imagining tests from our Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) instrument. OCT refers to a non-invasive, non-contact technique that we used to scan the structure of your eyes to establish a detailed 3D image. In most cases, the OCT instrument helps us to detect structural damages before you notice them. 


What Happens During an OCT Scan

An OCT scan is a quick procedure that is non-invasive and painless. Our professional optometrists will perform the scans after conducting a general eye health exam. The procedure takes a few minutes and will produce both 3D images and digital retinal photographs of the back of your eyes. After generating the results, our optometrists will discuss our findings during the consultation to better understand your eye condition.

Why We Use the OCT Instrument

Posterior Imaging and OCT

OCT helps us scan the layers of your retina to identify subtle and non-subtle eye diseases. We can see signs of conditions, such as traction from membranes, retina swelling, intraretinal bleeding, and loss of photoreceptors, through scleral and retinal scans. OCT also enables us to easily diagnosis sight-threatening conditions, facilitate effective management of most eye conditions, enhance a referral to an eye specialist, and monitor diseases like diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Most importantly, through OCT, we can examine the optic nerve to determine if you have any early signs of glaucoma.

Anterior Imaging and OCT

Our optometrists can use OCT to examine the optic nerve. Although the OCT instrument is primarily designed for taking the imaging of the posterior segment, it can also capture the images of both posterior and anterior. The OCT is an invaluable tool that we have at our practice because it can capture images of the anterior chamber, scleral, limbus, and cornea.

Other Eye Conditions We Test Using OCT

Since the OCT provides us with detailed images of the macula and retina, it assists in diagnosing other eye conditions, including:

  • Macule edema
  • Macular pucker
  • Macule hole
  • Retinal/ macular cysts
  • Central serous retinopathy
  • Retinal detachment
  • Retinal tear

Contact Us for an OCT Scan in Charlotte, NC

At Eye Care Center-Ballantyne, our team is committed to providing effective eye testing that's essential to maintaining optimal eye health. We help patients in and around Charlotte understand their eye health and find the care they need early on. To learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment for you and your family, contact our staff at (704) 541-5500 today.

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