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Come to Eye Care Center-Ballantyne for All of Your Optical Needs

If you are in need of eye care services or if you are looking to update your current prescription or frames we can meet your optical needs at Eye Care Center-Ballantyne in Charlotte. Our optometrists serve the communities of Charlotte, Ballantyne, and the surrounding areas with the best in optometry services and optical products.

Optical Products

Optical Products and Services Available to Our Customers

Eye Care Exams: Our eye doctors offer comprehensive eye exams, so if it is time for your annual eye check-up or your contact lens fitting, or if you are having any vision problems that you would like to be assessed, we are your Ballantyne and Charlotte optometrists to call. 

Sports Vision: Our eye doctors provides this particular testing to athletes to increase the athletes’ visual ability so that they are ready for their particular sport.

Eyeglasses and Fashion Frames: We have a variety of fashion frames for you to choose from. If you need eyeglasses, you can pick the perfect pair to complement your style and personality. 

Contact Lenses: We can meet all of your contact lens needs here in our eye care center. Our eye doctor can provide you hard to fit contact, like toric and soft lenses, if you suffer from astigmatism. We offer bifocal, multifocal, gas-permeable contacts as well. If you suffer from Keratoconus, our optometrist can aid you and help you find a solution, so you can still wear contact lenses. We have dailies, and any other type of contact prescription to fit your lifestyle. So if you are in need of contact lens prescription renewal, call us today. 

Lens Coatings: There are many lens coating options for your prescription lenses from a layer of scratch resistance, UV coatings, and anti-reflective. We can upgrade your lens to meet all of your needs. After all, if you must wear them, they may as well meet all of your needs and work optimally. 

Sunglasses: Our sunshades options are so much more than just stylish accessories. Sunglasses with 100% UV protection, which can save your sight from harmful UV. Don't skimp on sunscreen and don't forget your shades from Eye Care Center-Ballantyne. 

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Optometrists or Come in to Check Out Our Optical Products
We are your Charlotte Optometrist for premium optometry services and optical products. If you need an appointment or are looking to update any optical prescription, call Eye Care Center-Ballantyne at (704) 541-5500 or come in to check out our stylish frames and quality sunglasses.

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