If you have been told that you have astigmatism, you may wonder just what it is and how it is affecting you. When you have this eye condition, you have eyeballs, or perhaps just one of them, that are not as round as they should be for clear vision. It's common to have a small amount of astigmatism and not even notice the problem.

However, some people have a severe case of astigmatism and these issues will cause eyesight problems that need to be corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses. Toric lenses from an optometrist are the type that patients with astigmatism use to help correct their vision. If you have concerns about astigmatism or it has been a while since your last eye exam, schedule an appointment at Eye Care Center-Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC.


Astigmatism Basics

If you are wondering why you have astigmatism, several reasons can be behind it. The cause of the condition is having an eyeball that isn't round and many people are born with eyeballs shaped this way. Eyeballs can also get this way because of eye surgeries and injuries as well as several eye diseases. When the eye isn't perfectly round, it will bend light in one direction less than in another. That means that one area can be in focus while the rest of the visual field can look blurry and distorted. Astigmatism is often found in patients who also have nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Signs You Have Astigmatism

Many people who have astigmatism think they have farsightedness or nearsightedness. This is because the main symptom to look for is blurry vision and that is present in all three of these conditions. The difference is that with astigmatism, vision is often blurry as well as distorted. You may have objects in your vision that look wavy or distorted in other ways rather than simply blurry.

It may be astigmatism if you get eye strain often, suffer from headaches, or have trouble with night vision. If you have any of these symptoms, you need to see an eye doctor for an eye exam. You may need to get toric lenses to correct your vision. These are contact lenses that are specifically made to help with astigmatism.

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