Myopia Control

Myopia can cause problems for your child, but there is help. At Eye Care Center - Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, we can help you to leave our office with peace of mind knowing you and your child’s eye health is in good hands. Visit an optometrist on our optometry team for myopia control and vision management at our eye care clinic.

Myopia Control

What Is Myopia?

Myopia is the inability to see things clearly until they are close to you. Also known as near-sidedness, myopia is most common in children and younger adults but can develop in older adults.

Myopia develops when the eye grows too long and light focuses in front of the retina instead of on it. Reading and watching TV will be blurry unless it is up close. Other symptoms of myopia are headaches and eye strain. These headaches can be painful and can ruin the day for your children. This why it can be important to get myopia control and management at our eyecare center.

Myopia Control for Kids

One way to help get myopia control is to schedule a regular eye exam with your optometrist. Regular testing can help diagnose and treat myopia in your children, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

Some studies have shown that playing outside in sunlight can reduce the progression of myopia in children. Other treatments include prescription lenses that can help clear your child’s vision and specialized contact lenses that reduce the strain on the eyes. A family eye doctor on our optometrist team may also prescribe atropine eye drops that slow the growth of myopia and help the eyes focus by dilating the pupil. There are also a specail type of contacts that are only worn at night which help reduce lengthening in the eye that can be precribed at our eyecare center.

Another treatment that can help with myopia control is limiting the time your child spends in front of electronics and TV. There is a chance your child may develop myopia if they spend a lot of time close to an electronic screen. Keep your child a good distance from the screen to help lessen the effects and headaches.

Get Myopia Control and Vision Management with an Eye Exam from a Family Eye Doctor on Our Team

If your child is having problem seeing things clearly and is suffering from headaches, don’t hesitate to call us at (704)-541-5500 for Eye Care Center - Ballantyne. An optometrist on our optometry team in Charlotte, NC, is here to help your child achieve clear vision. Whether it’s a routine eye exam with a family eye doctor at our eyecare center, or questions about vision and other eyecare management, we’re here to help clear up your vision. Children and adults are welcome.

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