Blue Light Blocking Lenses

In a world where people have their eyes locked to computer screens for both work and play, constant exposure to blue light may be a problem. It might cause headaches and dry eyes from eyestrain and disturb circadian rhythms, potentially making it hard to get a good night's sleep. One potential way found to combat this problem is blue light blocking lenses. These are eyeglasses with a tinting that is designed to block blue light from getting to your eyes. If you are interested in trying blue light blocking lenses, we at Eye Care Center- Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, are here to help. 

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How Do Blue Light Blocking Lenses Work?

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that are engineered to keep blue light from getting to your eyes by having lenses that are tinted. The concept of blue light blockers is derived from the theory that exposure to blue light prevents the release of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. There are some clear lens blue light blockers on the market.  They focus on high-energy violet and blue light between 400 and 450 nm. However, they filter out an overall smaller percentage of blue light. They are designed to bring an equilibrium between blue light blocking and normal visibility.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

They might help reduce eye irritation and eye strain caused by computer use. They may be particularly good for screen use after dark so that the person's eyes will be better able to adjust to letting the person sleep. 

Do Blue Light Blocking Lenses Work?

Admittedly, much of the evidence is anecdotal. Eyestrain, headaches, and other minor optometry problems can be solved by taking breaks and using artificial tears. If you think constant use of screens is affecting your ability to sleep, it might help to try blue light blocking lenses and see if they work for you. 

Can Children Wear Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

There is no problem with children wearing blue light blocking lenses. If you are concerned about your child wearing certain types of contacts or glasses, call us and ask a member of our team. 

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