Senior Eye Care Tips

Your eyes undergo several changes as you age, resulting in less visual clarity than you once had. Although these changes are natural, you can take steps to preserve your eye and vision health well into your senior years. Eye Care Center in Charlotte, NC, is here to tell you about age-related eye issues and offer tips to protect your vision as you age.

Senior Eye Care

What Eye Conditions Affect Seniors?

Several vision issues can develop as you age. Some of the most common conditions and diseases affecting seniors include:

•             Flashers and floaters

•             Dry eye

•             Cataracts

•             Presbyopia

•             Glaucoma

•             Macular degeneration

•             Retinopathy

•             Detached retinas

While your eye doctor near you can treat some of these issues, others have no cure and lead to vision loss without proper management. Scheduling regular eye exams is crucial for detecting these changes early on and treating or managing them before they lead to significant vision problems.

Get Routine Eye Exams

Scheduling regular eye exams is one of the best ways to preserve your vision in your senior years. Your optometrist can test for diseases and evaluate your eye health. They can also update your prescription lenses to help you achieve visual clarity. You should get an eye exam once a year unless your optometrist recommends otherwise. You may require more frequent eye exams based on your current eye health and if you have underlying conditions that need management.

Eat Foods That Support Vision and Eye Health

Did you know specific foods can improve your eye and vision health? You should add foods with antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients to your diet to maintain healthy eyes. Some beneficial foods include:

•             Berries

•             Bell peppers

•             Oranges

•             Carrots

•             Spinach

•             Sweet potatoes 

Protect Your Eyes From Sunlight

UV rays from the sun can increase your risk of developing cataracts, cancer, and other eye and vision issues, especially as you get older. You should wear sunglasses whenever you go outside on a sunny day. Your eye doctor near you can prescribe sunglasses and recommend different lenses to help you see clearly and comfortably in multiple settings.

Explore Options for Vision Enhancement

A common experience for people as they age is having difficulty seeing in low-light conditions. Some ways you can enhance your vision include the following:

•             Use bulbs that minimize glare and increase contrast

•             Use magnifying devices

•             Use items with larger print

•             Wear lenses to correct presbyopia or other vision changes

Treat Your Age-Related Eye Issues Today at Eye Care Center

If you are experiencing age-related eye issues or want more advice on preserving eye health in your senior years, consider contacting the Eye Care Center in Charlotte, NC. Our optometrist can evaluate your eyes and recommend ways to keep your eyes healthy and vision strong, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (704) 541-5500.

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